Why X39?

Where Did GHK Come From? What Does GHK Do?
GHK appears to part of a previously unknown system that adjusts the body to a “state” best suited for certain conditions such a good health, pregnancy, growth, cold weather, starvation, infections, aggression (to fight off animal attacks), etc. GHK is too small to carry any significant information. So the general pattern of gene expression of UP or DOWN must be present in the genes by modifications of proteins and RNA around the gene. Then GHK intensifies the effect. There must be several of such signals in addition to GHK.

GHK probably originated from an ancient marine protective system that protected cells against free, toxic copper and was swept into mammals on the tides of evolution. It predates modern growth factors and cytokines. GHK aids the differentiation of Ascaris suum roundworms. Roundworms are one of the most ancient animals arriving about 1 billon years ago. Barnacles date back 400 million years and GHK promotes their differentiation and settlement on surfaces.

One of the questions people ask is, how can GHK have such diverse actions such as healing, anti-cancer, anti-anxiety, COPD cell repair, etc? The answer is simple—during the course of evolution various genes became associated with various peptides, proteins, and RNA molecules that modulate their expression for optimal animal survival.

The Piano Key Theory of Human Aging: 
How to Reduce the Diseases of Human Aging with GHK-Cu
The main cause of human aging appears to be that the genes lose their optimal pattern of UP and DOWN settings (age 20-25). This is like piano keys. When the piano is new, it plays beautiful music, but with time the piano keys lose their proper tuning as the music is imperfect. Likewise, with time human genes lose their youthful settings and the diseases and conditions of aging set in. GHK, which was discovered during biochemical studies of human aging, resets human genes to a younger and healthier condition.

Most current theories and therapies to treat disease tend to target only one biochemical reaction or pathway. But for human aging, our data finds that we must think of simultaneously resetting hundreds or thousands of genes to protect at-risk tissues and organs. GHK may be a major step towards this resetting goal.

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